Saturday, April 14, 2012

And So Eliza Begets Her Cosmos ...

Welcome to my words.  Welcome to my heart.  There is an electric freedom in this ersatz solitude of the internet.  Whoever you are, dear Reader, you now have an access to me that is not allowed to any physical body.  Here, I shall endow you with qualities unclaimed by you ... although, it's possible that you do, in fact, blindly harbor them like the log in your eye.  I will whisper to you my most private discoveries, the sort of musings that lovers yearn for.  On these pages, you will also feel my punishment for thoughts you never had and actions you hadn't conceived.  Words carry force ... and whimsy ... and release.

Welcome, Reader.  Enter this, my landscape, and you shall be loved fully because it is through my words that I expose myself fully.  A person cannot be more naked than their thoughts.  Welcome to all who stay.  And Godspeed to those travel on.

This is the first entry in Eliza Shin's first blog.  

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