Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Perpetual Pursuit of My A-Game

I love my friend Beth.  I also love baseball.  I also love Katelyn.  "What's the theme?" you ask. Ambition and depth.

People often mistake my curiosity for defiance and deviance, but it's curiosity laced with ambition and depth ... drive and specificity ... hunger and magnitude.  Humber threw a perfect game yesterday, and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt Katelyn and Beth would eagerly listen to my patchwork-quilt understanding of a perfect game.  Why?  They both get a kick out of the A-game and what it takes.

The discerning Reader will ask, "Eliza, what's chewing you up?"  A push is always a response to a shove, and yes, I've been shoved.  The shove came last year.  A more seasoned actor, one who has enjoyed and is currently enjoying public success, dismissively remarked, "Eliza, you take this too far."  I had questioned him about this and that and the other … the specifics aren't important because the end result is that I annoyed him.  Maybe he felt like he was being pushed.  So maybe that's why he responded with, "Eliza, you take this too far."

So, maybe the real subject is not ambition and depth.  Maybe the real subject is "letting go."  Maybe the real topic is, "bring dismissed and being ok with it."  Another possible topic is "leaving your fellow actors alone."  Before you chide me, dear Reader, I am gradually learning that third item is true -- and I'm working on it … but for the time being, this is my blog and I want to write about taking it far!

If you're hungry, isn't that what you do -- take it far?  As far you can?  A far as your abilities will let you in the moment?  Don't you want to train for the majors?  Katelyn breaks her characters down into animal essences.  Beth doesn't believe in jobs -- she only thinks in terms of careers.  And the Majors … well, the Majors tell a story with every pitch and every game.  Every baseball stat has a story behind it -- a glorious story full of sweat and heart and focus.  Beth and Katelyn have sweat and heart and focus, too.

Forget it -- this is my blog, and I get to reveal what I want to reveal … and today's revelation to cyberspace is this:  I love playing my A-Game … all the time … every chance I get.

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