Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Unmitigated, Unadulterated, Unfettered Me

One thing leads to another … which is how I ended up getting an email from a world-class photographer asking me to pose for him.  Of course, I said yes … and, in keeping with my current lifestyle, this will be a nude shoot.

Some of you are scandalized while others are calmly weighing the issue and thinking, "Would I?  Ummm … naw."  The subject of nudity disturbs many, and in truth, I hesitated to even write about this.  But people's response to nudity intrigues me so much that I had to raise the issue.

First of all, let's set sex aside.  Nudity does not equate with pornography.  Both happen to use the human body, but the intention of pornography is distinct from artistic expression.  Those of you who know me are well of aware of my lack of innate seduction.  I am and always have been seen as the smart and sensible gal.  As we all know, neither of those adjectives applies to pornography … even to "librarian porn."

In fact, one could argue that "smart and sensible" do not apply to artistic expression at all.  To an extent, that would be true.  That line of thought equates the idea of "smart and sensible" with conformity.  However, one could also posit that artistic expression of one's life is the only smart and sensible solution to the question of "Why are we here?"  Perhaps the thinking person could consider that the glory of our Unique Selves is the foundation of artistic expression.  Putting ourselves forth into this world could be the most enlightened form of living, and therefore, it could be the smart and sensible thing to do.

In that vein, nude work makes sense to me.  On the Dust-to-Dust physical plane, I am circumscribed by my skin.  Those cells delineate my spatial limits.  Thus, when I stand in front of the camera in my spatially confined form, I can only express my Self.  No clothing, no set pieces, no accoutrements.  Without crutches of outside expectation, I am distilled down to Me.  Me and my imagination.  Me and the light.  Me and the air.  Me and life.  For the duration of the session, Me encounters Pure Me.

It's such a rush because it doesn't happen often enough.  Due to culture or gender or the simple desire to have friends, I accomodate outside life on a regular basis. Without question, I am more accustomed to fulfilling an outside expectation than I am to living by my inner guidance.  Also, this is partly due to necessity.  One must choose clothes.  One must have a modicum of manners.  However, do the gold drop earrings amplify Me or am I attempting to join a group represented by the gold drop earrings?  It's the quintessential question of civilization.

It always takes me a few minutes to warm up when posing nude.  I have to shed all pretense of what a naked woman is supposed to look like.  I can't suck in my stomach because it just looks like I'm sucking in my stomach.  Eventually, I get used to standing there truly alone.  It's just me breathing, standing and being ... and believe me, it's tasty.

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