Wednesday, January 8, 2014

2014: My Year of Living

Flying in the face of Cynicism and and Scorn … defying Petty Disdain and Paltry Excuse, I, Eliza Shin, resolve to live every day of 2014.  I shall mark each day of the twelve months of 2014, and in declaring so, I throw my arms out and lay down my defenses.  Instantly, I am vulnerable to your doubt.  In days to come, I shall be vulnerable to my own ridicule and fatigue.  Nevertheless, today I stand and proclaim my intention to live out 2014.

How??  Why????  Thanks for asking!  :)

Basic Premise:  I will do *something* everyday for a month.  New month?  New Thing!

Inspiration came from three distinct sources:  
1.  Elizabeth Gilbert's glowing Happiness Jars

2.  Matt Cutts' 4 minute incisive TED talk "Try Something New for 30 Days" 

3.  Anna Chui's splendid article on LifeHack "Here's a Shocking Truth If You Think You've Wasted Your Life"

It all started with the inspiration to do a year-long Happiness Jar.  As great as that idea is, I tried a similar project before, and the novelty wore off sometime in March or November.  So, Matt Cutt's talk gave me the idea to refresh myself each month with a different "marker."  The clincher was Anna Chui's article.  The knowledge of death - that there is an end to life … the knowledge that we are not suspended in a gelatinous eternity - is what summons our vitality.

So, my January days shall have a Happiness Jar.  

Other possible Things/Markers/Summoners of Vitality include 
Write a poem
Ride my bike
Take a photo
Clean the house (oh my!)
Give to a charity
Play an instrument (I have 5 to choose from at home)
Swim (!!!!)
… and whatever other iridescent hummingbird of an idea flits across my vision in the days to come.

People in my own family have scorned my idea of greeting the new year with Resolve … but this Kimchi Babe is undaunted.  I'm spicing this year up.  Welcome, fellow adventures, to this thing we call Life!